Using Jean-Bernard Roux's article on building a UV exposure unit as a starting point, and along with Sandy King's various contributions, I've been planning the construction of a UV exposure box.

My intention is to use twelve 24" black light blue fluorescent tubes installed in close proximity to each other. In Jean-Bernard Roux's article he places the ballasts and wiring etc. on the other side of the board to the tubes, which seems a sensible option.

I managed to find separate 'T8' tube sockets and 2 x 18W ballasts which should reduce any excess unit size. My plan is to paint the inside of the plywood white and varnish the outside.


'T8' tube sockets:

Wiring the ballasts to the tubes is done in something approximating my following diagram as far as I'm aware:

This would be repeated six times to cover all twelve tubes.

Maplin sell this fan (120mm model): which looks suitable for cooling purposes.

French article:

I was planning on the black light blue tubes being situated approx. 120mm from the print surface / contact printing glass, is this a sensible distance?