Well, if dichro filters fade over time, I haven't seen it yet and my Omega Chromega 2 dichro head is older than dirt and lived in a commercial lab before I got it. It has seen a lot of use and it shows, but it functions perfectly. Omega even states in the documentation for the head that the filters will not fade and should never need replacing. On the other hand, the acetate VC filters do fade and need to be replaced periodically. How often depends on how often they're used. They are easily damaged, and if they ever get wet you can kiss them goodbye. Ilford Multigrade filters now cost about $60 US for a set of 6 x 6 inch filters. The 3 x 3 inch filters are around $40. That's a lot of money for an unnecessary expendable when a dichro color or variable contrast head can deliver the same results with more flexibility. The only complaint I have about using the dichro head, and it is a very minor complaint, is that I can't achieve the hardest grade possible with the papers I use. At best, I can get about grade 4. With the Multigrade filters, achieving a true grade 5 should be possible. I have never needed to use anything remotely close to that in practice. If I have a negative that won't print well on anything from grades 1 1/2 to 3, it's usually not worth printing. The very softest grade is possible with full yellow filtration. The very hardest grades are good for what I like to call "special effects" but not much else.