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I'm not sure that's universally true.
Maybe I'll run a similar test with some Kodak graded paper ...
There may be something to that. Got me to wondering. Years
gone by there were at least tens of thousands of darkrooms
world wide and THE paper, Graded. The later fifties saw VC
gaining popularity; my first use, the later fifties.

With all those man hours pouring into Graded paper processing,
easy handling was likely a selling point. Of course well lighted
darkrooms make for easier and quicker handling.

Were print paper spectral sensitivities more strictly controlled
in the past than today? Perhaps Ron can add some comment.

Take that Slavich for example, the Unibrom specifically.
The manufacturer says red but I and a few others this
NG agree that a usual Graded paper safe light will do.
Same for Emaks.

So what's the world coming to when the manufacturers
don't even know the spectral sensitivity of their own
papers? Kodak for example recommended for some
time the use of an OC filter for everything, and
that includes AZO.

My suggestion, use real world test methods with
safelights. For ease of working keep safelight levels
high and paper exposure to a minimum. My darkroom
is well lighted using Graded papers. The manufacturers
I hope don't screw up. Dan