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Probably a Projecting Kinetoscope. Like this one: http://www.thehenryford.org/exhibits.../kinet2big.jpg
I've looked at all of the images I can find of the Kinetoscope, but never found a lens on one that looked like the one I have, which is, without posting a picture now since the lens is at school and I'm home, a pretty standard looking brass and nickel lens from the late 19th century. It doesn't have a slot for waterhouse stops, has a built in extension/shade on it's front end and is adjustable by means of a sliding collar and tangent drive. I bought it at a PHSNE auction a couple of years ago. I've attached one of the first 8x10 images I took last year with it. The picture made me want to try the lens for portraits, but I haven't gotten around to it.

The lens measures 105mm by 59.4 mm.