No and yes and no
Your new question is going to start the discussion all over again.
I do both.
But my principle theoretical problem with the colour head is the infinitely variable choices that can be made.
I use the combined, constant time settings for kodak colour heads and I know these give different results for my two enlargers. LPL and Omega.
No matter, it is the print that is the point.
But if I want a little more or less contrast, do I add or subtract yellow or magenta or both and do my times stay the same? I don't know; just too many choices and too little time to test them all.
Split filtering at least limits my choices of filter values to two, all yellow and all magenta.
Burning and dodging aside, I am sure there is always a dichroic combo that would match. Scientifically there has to be. The question is finding it.
I use both methods but use the split filtering on the dichroic heads when I get too confused over a print.
Everybody eventually settles on a technique that suits their brains.
You have to find yours.