My suggestion, Nicole, would be to look for an older Omega enlarger, as they are plentiful and still have parts support. I use an Omega D2V variable condenser that handles all film sizes up to 4x5. I'd also suggest concentrating your darkroom budget on good lenses - the best the budget will allow, as that allows you to get the most from your negatives.

I prefer stainless steel tanks and reels. For 35mm, get the Hewes reels from Calumet. Their patented film-gripping design will make your developing life much easier.

If the budget will allow, I'd also recommend an enlarging meter from RH Designs in the UK. I use the ZoneMaster II, which gives you both a suggested contrast grade and the exposure time. It's great for getting to an optimal exposure more quickly. Cost is about 150, but worth it.