Sorry you missed the Yosemite workshop -- we had a great time and really got into the process. The place was not too bad either!

We are planning a week-end carbon workshop in Newport, Oregon on the second week-end of November 2009. Things are still in the planning stages, as we are just getting a photo workshop program off the ground at the Newport Visual Art Center (the VAC -- located on the beach). The VAC has an unused darkroom and several of us (with APUGGER Denise...of emulsion-making our on-the-spot leader) are taking the opportunity to offer workshops in the facilities.

The carbon printing workshop will offer an introduction to the process, with an opportunity to make a couple prints. Unfortunately, the carbon tissue takes a couple days to dry, so I will be making the tissue myself before the workshop for the participants to print with during the workshop.. The 5-day workshop in Yosemite gave us enough time for the participants to make their own tissue. In Newport, I will cover all that, and the participants will make some carbon tissue, but will not be able to print with it during the workshop.

The goal of the workshop is to have the participants go home with a couple carbon prints they have made -- if not "keepers", at least good examples of the process -- and a working knowledge of the process so that they can continue farther with the process if they so desire.

When things get finalized with the Newport photo workshop program, we'll be making announcements on this forum.