after almost a year shooting film again, i crossed with a guy selling an old meopta opemus 6x6 and went for it. i've looked on meota website, but could not precise the year or model of it... maybe they changed names to sell in brazil?

anyway... it took me a long time to clean it properly, replace the cables and switches, and also buy all the other things needed - lamps, trays, paper, etc.

now what is holding me is the lens... and i need your help on that.

the lens that came with it is a belar 75mm f4.5, and it is hazy... i took it to my repairman, and he said he could not get rid of the haze. even on simple tests i feel a lack of sharpness - films with huge grain and i can see none, details i can see with my loupe but not on the enlarger... disappointing enough to make me stop and reconsider...

there is no way i can find/afford a better enlarger over here. so i think i've married with this one!

all i need to know are the options...

1. wich lenses have this odd 23.5mm thread? is there a list somewhere?
2. how easy it is to make another lens board, with a proper m39 thread? is it even possible?

i've been searching and emailing a lot about this matter. even got in contact with fotoimpex in berlin, but they have not the lens board i need. right now i'm watching ebay - see if some 75-80mm lenses with this thread will show up there.

well, thank you very much... you can imagine how i'm itching to start the damn thing!