Good Afternoon, Nicole,

I agree with the suggestions for getting a 4 x 5 enlarger first; otherwise you'll probably end up buying at least two enlargers eventually. In addition to Omegas, I'll put in a vote for a 4 x 5 Beseler.

I don't think you will regret getting stainless steel processing reels; a lot of people start with plastic, but eventually end up with stainless steel. In addition to Hewes, consider Kinderman stuff which is usually available at good prices on E-Bay. Avoid any reel with a spring device in the center; a spike or clip is far preferable.

Consider a four-blade easel instead of a two-blade. The Saunders Universal is a good example, but there are others. Get one which will handle up to 11 x 14: you'll grow out of anything smaller, and the larger ones are bulky, heavy, awkward, and little-used.

Buy only high-quality enlarging lenses, which, again, are available at rock-bottom prices on E-Bay.