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I asked this over on L/F and what a suprise, no answers. I hope to get a Linhof V, it will come with two mounted lenses but neither fit inside. I have a Nikkor 200M that I would like to mount and cam. Will this fit inside a closed up Technika?

Any link to a list of what fits? I also have a 240 Germinar W. It has a 49mm filter ring and #1 Copal. It would be a winner. Any chance?

David, What say you?
Why don't you just do what I did.

I own a Super Speed Graphic.
And yes, I could leave the standard 135 mm f 4.5
Rodenstock Super Speed lens, in the box, but I
choose not to.

Problem: Like with 35 mm & M.F., I found that it tends to lead to laziness in shooting, due to the tendency to just shoot with what's already mounted.

Solution: Make a body cap. With 35 mm& M.F., there are body caps, that exist, just for this purpose.
Just get an undrilled lensboard, get a 1/4 clearance
hole drilled. Then find a tripod knob, that you like,
insert it into whole & lock it with a nut in back. If you
are using a wooden board, use fender washers, on both sides, ( make a sandwich ), for extra support.