Thank you very much for the reply. If you'll bear with me, there is a yellow lever on the left that turns a 'White' light on and off, and there's an increase in light with it in the off position. I think the bulb is correct, an intense 100 w halogen dichroic - the highest wattage available with a two-pin plug and 12 volt power supply. The enlarger appears rather new. Dial filters appear to work. I'm coming from years of using an omega/aristo cold light head. But with 16 X 20 prints the far edges were short on exposure and Bruce Birnbaum told me to get the saunders lpl. I notice the inside of the white light reflection box is lined with what appears to be white styrofoam, of all things. Mechanically, the thing all seems to work fine. This particular bulb heats to 500 degrees C. I could have an electrician remodel to higher wattage power supply and bulb, perhaps???
Any further ideas are much appreciated. thank you very much... Johan (in Maine, US, where there's not a lot of help with this kind of problem).