No offence taken. If you look further up in this thread I too have a problem with the way some people just throw their money around. In my case I was a working professional for a number of years and now only shoot pics for my own amusement. If others like it, all the better. One rule I have is that I can't buy another peice of camera equipment like a body or lens unless I have either "paid" for it through the sale of prints with my existing equipment or I have sold something I don't use anymore to pay for it. I'm a terrible pack rat so have to put some guidelines down for myself.

As far as the blad equipment I don't buy it to impress anyone. I buy it because it's darn good and there is lots of it cheap on eBay these days. I also do a lot of travel and find it just as easy to pack etc. as a complete 35mm system. In most cases lighter and easier to pack. I find I don't get the quality I want from any 35mm system, and I've used them all, so I've sold off all my Nikon stuff except for a few basic things (just in case) and gone totally MF for travel.

Beyond that I have rediscovered my love of LF and have immersed myself in that over the past year. It was a 30 break from LF but it's nice to get back to it.

I hope you enjoy your RB, it's a great camera. Just to big and heavy for travel. One of my all time favorite SLR MF cameras was a Bronica S2A with Nikkor optics. Got it cheap, was able to buy all kinds of lenses, backs, bellows for macro, and a 90 degree finder for less than at that time 1 blad lense. The darn thing just wouldn't die and took amazing pics. Made lots of money with it over the years. Because some of the art directors thru their own ignorance would check your chromes for the blad notches and if they weren't there would reject your stuff outright so I filed some notches into my backs and they weren't the wiser.

Ended up giving the system to a struggling commercial photographer and from what I hear she has done very well for herself.

Welcome to our community and I look forward to having you as a neighbour.