hi steve

you can use the flat board with your toyo and the regular bellows for 90mm and up.
toyo suggests you use the bag/balloon/wide angle bellows for shorter lenses.
i have a 65mm i use with my toyo rail camera, together with a DEEPLY recessed lens board and the bag bellows.
the only way you are going to see if a flat board and your regular bellows will work is
to measure from the back of your lens to your ground glass with your front and rear standards together
and your bellows fully compressed if it is 75mm you are golden, if it isn't, get a recessed lensboard, and an angle adapter
for your shutter release, it will be helpful ..
regular pleated bellows - even the high tech toyo ones - will resist your front+rear standards being view-camera-ized
(rise,fall,tilt,swing &C ) the bag will offer little no resistance

have fun with your lens! i use my 65 all the time.


ps. welcome to apug!