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I am interested in a general get together of any format, basically if you shoot film of any description, be there.

The LF thing was a different meeting, really leaning more towards an information exchange between those that have LF equipment and those who don't, but were or are thinking about doing it.

As for 35mm being dead, not by the proverbial long shot. My reading of the market place is 135 format rules supreme, followed a fair way back by 120 format, then way, way back is LF 4x5" and near the bottom of the pit is 8x10".

The rest of the cut sheet film formats, are sitting on the bottom.

May God Save the Queen,
for nobody will save the 120, 6x7 or LF.

(with apologies to Gough Whitlam...)

Relax, 135mm aint going no place and will be here for a long time yet.

I like the idea of a get together Mick.