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It looks to me that this is for exhibition quality custom printing that can/will include custom masking. It isn't cheap in any way, but it may very well be of sufficient quality to be worth considering at $285.00 (for the first print at least).

What!? "...exhibition quality..." That's what Cibas are renowned for. You don't buy them to be used as place mats on the kitchen table.

Exhibition quality Ciba printing to my specifications has always included:
Custom masking
Colour grading and correction
Contrast stats (often 2 same size prints with varied contrast to the first off).
Printer's spec record
Certificate of Authenticity

My printer expects the photographer (not just me) to present him with detailed technical specifications for printing; in my case, it is just a correction to filtration (too warm or too blue or neutralise either). I don't bother with trannies that are close to the edge contrast-wise.

Anyway, the price of US$285 remains manifestly excessive for 8x10" and I'd love to know on what grounds he could be charged that for such a small print. The same amount of money (a little higher here with the exchange rate) would buy three 30x40cm Cibas (a bit over $300 with insured freight added).