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I developed a couple of 8x10 negatives last night taken at the Zion workshop and they look like they might be underexposed by a stop of so.

I was using a G-Clarion 240mm lens in a NEW copal 1 shutter and I fear that I may have screwed up when I made the f/stop scale resulting in underexposed negatives shot with this lens.

I'm going to develop one more negative taken with this lens to try and verify if there is a problem.

If the next negative does turn out underexposed would it help to extend the development time on the others?

If so how much should I increase the development time?


If I read what you are saying correctly then the aperture scale is suspect. The way to determine this is to measure the aperture opening and divide this into the focal length of the lens. That should get you into the ball park of the correct aperture of the lens at the various Fstops.

Unfortunately if you have inadequate shadow detail then there really is nothing that I have found that will give film exposure at the development stage. The film will expose at the proper amount of light. If that isn't present at the time of the exposure then no amount of development compensation is going to impart one bit of light.

As others have related, contrast can be adjusted by development. Exposure can not be adjusted by development.