I am new to this so please bear with me if this seems like a lame set of questions:

So I now have two enlargers I want to use side by side. A 45MX that has both a condenser and a cold light. The other is a Omega D2 with just a cold light.

The thing is, the the cold light on the Omega is already full tilt with the sensor, Metrolux II, etc. The cold light on the Beseler is just the lamp house, no sensor put in, does not do closed loop with the metrolux II. I also don't see a plug on the Aristo head on the 45MX for one.

So I am thinking of putting the 45MX up for just condenser duty and horizontally projected murals.

Thus far, the lens array is 50, 90, 100, 135 & 150. In specific, 50 & 90 Rodenstock APO, 100 Ektar, 135 5.6 Nikkor, 150 5.6 Rodenstock.

I am mostly going to use the 50 & 90 APO's for 35, pano 35 and 6x6.
So since I am going to favor those lenses, how do I get the most out of using them on two enlargers in terms of swapping them in and out?

The only way I can see besides having two sets is to keep re-mounting them on the boards every time I switch.

Also, unlike the lens board selection for the 45MX, the ones for the Omega D2 are kind of confusing. Given all my lenses, I am kind of clueless what boards / cones I should get for the Omega...

Noobie alert..:-)