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A stop bath will prolong the life time of your blix in the Nova, but it is not necessary. Do you have fresh RA-4 paper and stocked in the right way (fridge <12 degerees C).

Are there signal lights (dokatimer) or other equipment which can give a problem on your RA-4 paper. Specially Kodak Endura is very sensitive for these kind of failures.
Many thanks for your help. The paper is fresh but not kept in a fridge, it is kept with my mono papers which all keep OK. I have trapped out all the indicator lights but I do have a fair bit of glow strip dotted about - would that be the problem? The paper in question is Supra 111. I am having another colour sess on Saturday so was wondering if it would be safe to cut the stop bath out completely. In the various instruction blurbs stop bath use doesn't seem to get much of a mention.

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