Don't get hung up on getting it perfect - build it, use it, replace it.

It's easy to spend years putting together the perfect equipment, and in the mean time defering from ACTUALLY DOING ANYTHING. In a previous thread this was identified as loading to "darkroom anxiety" - you won't print until it's perfect, and of course it never is. Once you start doing stuff you'll quickly figure out what YOU want from a system. You'll also be in a better position to grab bargains as they turn up rather than having to buy stuff right now.

I paid 200 for a complete system with everything in it (A durst - pretty nice), but you can get cheaper on ebay. Sure one day I'll and something bigger (acutally at one point I was looking for something SMALLER as it doesn't handle 16mm negs too good!). 50 will buy a complete setup, and then you can START WORKING. When you need to upgrade parts you've got a basis to work from.