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ok Ed what do you propose we should do? Since we here in the great unwashed only can "give" of our experiences, I will leave this to you to tell everyone what it is YOU want them to use.
I don't want them to use anything in particular. In Scottsbluff Nebrasha, Oshkosh Wisconsin or Abilene Texas you are going to probably end up finding different gear than in Hobart (Tasmania) or Darwin.. just as the supply is different in Los Angeles, New York City, Sydney or London.. and, of course, Munich, Cologne, Berlin or Amsterdam etc. or Kiev to Turkmenistan or Kabul. Beslers and Omegas might be common in your corner of Texas but they are very exotic, for instance, here in Munich..

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I had not ever heard of any enlargers but Besler and Omega until I started reading on the internet. It is still hard to get some of the brands you mention in your blast.
Nicole is in "Western Australia"... Not quite around the corner from your parking space in Texas... Texas might consider itself a big state but its not the planet (even if some Texans believe otherwise).

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As to 4x5 disinformation, I have used a 4x5 machine for 30-35 years and it is not anymore inconvienant than any other machine of a smaller size and is generally more stable.

The Durst L-1200 is hardly more stable than my DA-900, except that my 900 is 1) Better made 2) uses better materials 3) higher precision 4) has autofocus 5) only goes to 6x9cm 6) Is brighter since the colour head is the same as on L-138 models and is designed for 4x5" etc. etc. .

But for 35mm.. the handling of my Focomat Ic is really much nicer..

as 127 said:
Don't get hung up on getting it perfect - build it, use it, replace it.c