I guess I will have to try both cameras I have the cases for both cameras and the one for the Calumet is quite a bit larger. Both cameras have 210mm lens I wish I could try them out with a 90mm. The Calumet is a 1984 and the GVII is 1967 or so. I am having trouble finding a lens board for the GVII. It looks like the Calumet will be a little more cumbersume to use and to carry. It looks like I can still get parts for the Calumet But the GVII parts are not as easy to find even on ebay. The Calumet does have the square rail
and the GVII have a triangular rail. I payed $100.00 for the Calumet and traded a Mamiya C3 for the GVII
I wish I could keep both but I will never use both cameras I know that.
Thanks for the help