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.......Is it enough to raplace the condensor for a plat of frosted glass? Or do I have have to replace the light as well?.......
I experimented with my Durst 8x10 Condenser head, to see what quality diffusion I could obtain. I tried several methods--

1) First I removed the condensers and substituted a simple diffuser, such as 1/8-inch white plexi. The resulting light was so dim as to be unusable. By substituting a very thin diffuser (1/16-inch plexi), I was able to make a print, but the light was very uneven, with hotspots.

2) Next I placed the 1/8-inch white plexi beneath the existing 8x10 condensers. This resulted in a brighter light which I could use to make a print, but still the light was very uneven, with hotspots.

3) Finally, I installed an Aristo head. As you can imagine, the Aristo head was by far the best method.