I agree with lee and Bob Carnie.

With what you're interested in Nicole, I would say that a 4x5 enlarger isn't so much about you moving up to large format as it is having a rock solid and stable system. The enlarger chasis could be thought of as the backbone of your darkroom. Nothing worse than having equipment that always shows its limits rather than its potential. This is not "disinformation" just thoughtful advice from people that have walked this road in the past.

Model type? Who cares... Buy great glass and a great light source. If something local is common, that can be a plus. In North America there are models that undoubtedly are different than in your neck of the woods, but we reference those that we know of and you could easily look them up on the www to see similar types of machines we're refering to.

The arrogance and rants aren't helping Nicole, and that's what this is for...