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Well I'll be damned, you're right. Maybe I don't need to send it in after all, I can just recalibrate based on what my SLR agrees with. Thanks for the sanity check
I hope you get that one working for you. For the other one, Quality Light Metric is the way to go. They got my trusty ol' Weston V back to perfect running order, with a new cell and whatever else it took. The eighty or so bucks, counting the shipping, was well worth it to me.

I was given one just a few weeks ago. It responds; but is off. I was told that corrosion in some pressure contacts under the dials would be easily taken care of; but I lost courage soon after taking off the back. When I am a little bit of cash ahead I will send it of to Quality. A man can't have too many Weston Vs, methinks.