Hi Ed

once again I must disagree with you.

My lab is solidly based with old gear, as well we have high end digital gear,
My experience over the last 8-12 months is that I personally am in the darkroom 26 out of 30 days per month , making traditional prints.
Actually our buisness has soared over the last few years and I attribute it to the digital world. My clients do prefer a hand crafted image and as well enjoy the magic I can provide with wet chemistrys and the experience I have gained over the years. We basically are printing each and every day because ( profesionals have not moved on ) .
I think Nicole and other young photographers should be encouraged to learn every aspect of photography and it does start with analog methodology.
Photo shop is a simple by product of photo-comp, If you don't believe so look at the great master printer/photograher Jerry Uelsmann pre dating photoshop
Ed if you have moved on so be it but I think your comments are totally off base and misleading, I am constantly producing photographic shows and meeting young photographers , thrilled to learn how to make a georgeous silver print by hand.