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I did a search on this and only found 1 post about rain covers and there were no responses, so I thought I would ask this Q. Especially since I would like to submit to the MSA and it is currently raining outside.

Have you shot in the rain? How did you do it? I am thinking I would like to have a clear umbrella that attaches to some thing or I can stake in the ground and I could just shoot under it. Of course this would be in a light rain, with the rain falling straight down.
What do you guys think?
This is really easy you get wet

How ever wet you might be, you should try and keep your equipment as dry as possible.

For 35mm & MF, keep the camera under your coat or if on a tripod use a plastic bag over the camera.

Take it out when you want to shoot and put it back on as soon as possible.

When shooting 5x4 my darkcloth is waterproof, so I drape it over the lens and body when ever possible

I always use a lens cap to keep water off the front element and filter.

Its important to keep your Camera Bag closed so your other equipment remains dry.

Don't bring your camera back into the car without it being sealed inside a zip lock bag - or you get condensation on it which takes ages to clear.

Personally, I use a Gortex coat with a hood to keep as dry as possible

I have never mastered the art of photographing with an umbrella as I need both hands and arms to operate the camera, plus I find an umbrella acts like a sail in all but the lightest of breezes

Shooting in the wet has many advantages including fewer people around and rocks/pavement surfaces come "alive" with texture and tone.

The quality of light in the transition between sunshine and showers can be fabulous.

Have fun