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There ARE pretty solid 6x9 enlargers out there.. and there are some junk 4x5" enlargers out there.. They are loads of 4x5" enlargers that are horribly out of alignment... ...Don't confuse the format with "stability", quality or alignment.
Really???? 4x5" enlargers can go out of alignment? :o Well no kidding... I didn't think of stating the obvious.

I guess while we're stating the obvious we can also give the other side... There are some junk 6x9 enlargers and solid large format enlargers out there. There are also 6x9 enlargers horribly out of alignment. I wasn't confusing the format with "stability", quality or alignment... But thanks for trying to help me too...

BTW, why are you so jumpy/defensive about letting people have an OPINION especially from users that have EXPERIENCE WITH VARIOUS EQUIPMENT in the darkroom??