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the same can be said for every enlarger out in the world. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean others would like it. I cannot give a recommendation to some equipment I have never seen much less used. You are correct when you say that I have a provential experience but it is my experience. When I was in Frankfurt AM at Rhein Main AFB all we had were Omegas to use.

Come on... Rhein/Main AFB... could just as well been in Podunk Iowa.. USAF installations are global and hardly driven by local aquisitions.. Heck they have the aircraft and logistics to move whatever they want, don't they? Back in the 1970s it could just as well have been Ford Pinto country.. The AFB, however, did pick up a lot of gear from Leitz (including, from what I've heard quite a few Focomats) and Zeiss.. especially, it seems, doing some of the surveilance stuff.. and I don't expect the counters and dixie-cups mucked with those Omegas either... Most of that stuff has been long dumped into the trash..

The key.. I think is to talk about features and characteristics and not brands.. since its all too easy for people to be mislead and start chasing hen's teeth.. Now if all there is ... are some Omega D2s.. then D2s it is.. in Germany it would be silly for someone to pay (and some poor souls have) more for an Omega/Chromega than for a good Durst--- its like comparing a Dodge Dart to a Mercedes SL.

Now in Australia.. I'd suspect that it might be easier to find a nice Durst than to get an Omega..