the capacitor was the other option, and I was planning to get there if other option failed. I admit this was risky, but the camera was given to me for free, I applied pressure in the middle of the curtain with my thumb, then one side of the curtain opened a tinny bit, you place a butter knife there or other object so you can help curtain moving to his natural direction, at one point when you feel the curtain is moving freely release the butter knife or object. In mine it didn't happen until I tried about 2 or 3 times.

I have to admit that this is very unprofessional, I used the camera this weekend and tried 2 rolls of Ektar and 1 roll of Delta100 with the camera.

I found it in a camera repair forum that had up to 4 years of messages stored and went year by year searching with Ctrl+F = minolta look up mirror.