Decisions decisions...

I have both of those lenses sitting on my desk in front of me. One is my own personal property, the 360 5.6 Symmar (provided graciously by Mr. Jim Galli), and the other one belongs to the school.

Here's where my decisions get tricky.

I have an 11x14 Lotus camera that I would like to try to put into use more. The school owns a Nikkor 450 and a 30 inch Artar. I am not very interested in having two 360 Schneiders around. It seems very redundant.

The 5.6 Symmar is mounted on a board and fits the 8x20 Lotus and works well on it. For shooting wide-angle photographs I do not think I am interested in dragging the 11x14 out into the field. I am not interested in having each camera do everything, instead my idea is to turn the 11x14 into a dedicated portraiture camera and shoot paper negatives with it. The 30 inch Artar has the camera racked out as far as it will go, and the 450 Nikkor is just too wide for doing portraits.

The 360 6.8 Symmar was originally purchased to be used along with an 8x10 Tachihara camera, but it now has it's own dedicated Nikkor 300, so I'm not interested in putting it back with the Tachihara.

I don't have any budget to work with and am essentially considering one of the two 360's as a commodity. What can I trade/barter either one of those lenses for to arrive at a good decent portrait lens for the 11x14? That is the question. Additionally, what type of lens and/or lenses do I want to have for the 11x14? I already have a good semi-wide with the 450. I have a somewhat usable long telephoto in the 30 inch Artar. What I think I want to try to get is something between the 450 and the 30 inch. I did have a 24 inch Artar that I traded to get the 360 Symmar that I own.

This is me thinking very out loud, putting all of the data out and letting those of you who are interested in making suggestions help me work through this. I know that there are a lot of variables, and that's what is making it somewhat confusing.

Maybe a simpler question is, which is better out of the 360's...the 5.6 or the 6.8? Then I can go from there.