... and todays fix was winning an auction on the evilbay, a caltar-s II 210/5.6 in copal #1 shutter.

Already in my possession: 5 lisco 4x5 filmholders, 5 9x12 sinar film holders, quite a lot of film, a loupe, a wooden tripod. Now the only piece missing is the friggin' camera! Bought some more tools today. Still measuring and drawing on the design. Biggest inspirations; Sandehan Lynch, Argus, Barry J Young and quite a few others.

First post btw, learnt a lot from you guys (what a CLA is for example in my world it's conjugated linoleic acid). Been shooting film since I was 13, still use my first camera, a Nikon FM2, but it's kind of broken now (the ground glass is loose and there is some problems with the shutters). Also use a Hasselblad 500C/M, which is my prime user these days.