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Well, I have this week off. Vacation centered around my fifth wedding anniversary on Friday. So I decided to do some printing today.

I have new found respect for anyone who does this on a regular basis for a living. I use my downstairs half bath as my darkroom so I fit what I can where I can.

I recently signed up for round 17 of the postcard exchange. So I set up at 8 this morning when the kids left for school. I mixed chemistry last night so by 8:30 I was printing.

At 3:35 I hung my last sheet. 30 postcards. Test print. 6 or 7 work prints. Two mess ups due to a newbie mistake that couls have easily been ten or more. I got the print I wanted so I printed off fourteen more at once. Then I started to process the paper. Opened the paper safe right up with the light on. Fortunately I caught myself quickly enough that only the top sheet was ruined and (at two prints per sheet) only half of the sheet below was fogged which called for three reprints.

And all of this with two of my three trays at about knee height. OY MY BACK!!! I gotta come up with a new arrangement if I ever intend to make another day for printing. Any, postcards are done. Bring on the address list! WOO HOO!!!!!