Hi All,

This winter's camera restoration project is a doozy. I am restoring a Folmer Schwing 8x20 camera.... and I'm building a replica. That's right, double trouble!

I purchased the very well used F+S on Ebay last year and took it apart. While apart I had a friend of mine duplicate all the wooden pieces in mahogany. He did a great job. All the metal pieces are now at a metalworker's shop being duplicated as well. I hope to have them back soon.

I am now ready to refinish the wood of the old camera and finish the new pieces. They are all sanded and ready to go.

I will be finishing one with shellac simply because I like it. I refinished a Kodak 2D with shellac and it is absolutely gorgeous.

For the other camera however, I thought I would try something different, perhaps Tung (Danish) Oil...or maybe lacquer....or maybe spar varnish....

Any thoughts?