My guess is that the 3-18 numbers are EV numbers...there may be a way to unlink the aperture/shutter connection as on the Rollei EVS cameras...the idea is that you select an EV number based on available light, and then that stays constant no matter what shutter speed or aperture you choose. The camera adjusts the other to keep the EV constant. My old Kodak Retina IIIC has this system.

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A friend just found an old Flexaret VI TLR and I haven't tried it yet. I'm wondering how the aperture is set. And, what's the "automat" mean. There's nothing auto that I can tell.

The shutter speed is straight forward but the aperture rung has numbers 3 to 18 equally spaced on it and there is some kind of linkage between the shutter setting and the aperture. If I set the shutter to 1/500 then the aperture will only go from 12-18. If I fiddle so that the shutter is at 1sec then the aperture can only go from 3 to 8.

The focus has two arms on it that presumably show you the depth of field but it has a more familiar F-stop scale from 3.5 to 22.

The taking lens is marker as 3.5/80 and is a Prontor SVS.

Whoa! I just noticed the F stops marked on the side of the lens. I think I understand. The shutter and aperture are linked so you can changed the shutter speed and it adjusts the f-stop to compensate.

I still don't know what the numbers 2-18 mean then.

If I set the shutter to 1/125 and aperture to f-16 the other scale shows 15. If I changed the shutter to 1/250 then the aperature goes to f11 as it should and the other scale is at 15 still.

I guess it's time to give it a try but I'd apreaciate any information.

By the way, the camera takes 120 film but has an adaptor and mask to use 35mm. It's missing one little part that let's you rewind the film so if I did want to try 35mm I'd have to reqind in the darkroom.

I posted another thread here about the Kodacolor -X film I found in it and how I developed it in B&W chemicals.