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I've got some 20% Tween 20 and I thought I'd give it a try to see if it makes any difference. How many drops should I use for an 8x10 print? Three? Four?
You don't say what paper you are using, and you don't say whether brush (magic brush?) or rod coated.

I've used a drop for 7x17 and 12x20 prints on Platine using magic brush (3 or 4 inch) -- I've seen a substantial improvement in coating. However, it will sink in a lot faster than before. I've tried everclear and haven't seen a difference.

For 8x10 - if I were you, I'd get a pipette and figure out a fraction of a drop -- about half would be appropriate for 8x10. measure how many drops in 1 ml and determine how many ml in a drop, now divide. (pipeting with pipette pumps is the ONLY way to do ULF negatives)

I've seen improvement using Tween for Lana Aquarelle and Fabriano Aristico. Not needed for a lot of papers.

Your mileage may vary --- try it and see.