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Hi All,

I will be finishing one with shellac simply because I like it. I refinished a Kodak 2D with shellac and it is absolutely gorgeous.

For the other camera however, I thought I would try something different, perhaps Tung (Danish) Oil...or maybe lacquer....or maybe spar varnish....

Any thoughts?
It's hard to go wrong with any of those. My favourite way of finishing is also Shellac. It is much better that anything I've seen at showing the beauty of the wood. Other finishes don't seem to bring the best of the grain. Generally the orange Shellac also gives the wood an antique weathered look that I really like.
I do like to put a coat of wax on top of the finish to give the texture a warmer, smoother feeling to the touch.
I have used Tried and True varnish oil which I love. This is truly the old kind of oil. It is prepolimeryzed linseed, just boiled. No other ingredients are used. You may find these at leevalley.com
Have fun!