Thanks for all of your help. I went home and looked at the manual, did not notice a bulb requirement. I looked in the back of the unit (something I never did) and found the bulb recommended, an EVW 250 watt/275 max. No mention of volts but a quick Google of the bulb indicates it to be 82 volts. Interestingly, the Beseler Dichro 67S2 I have on back states it takes an ESJ 85W 120V but Googleing ESJ, it is an 85W, 82V bulb.

In terms of the socket, that is a good idea. How easy is it for a novice to change the socket?


My model is a Beseler 23CII Dual Dichro S. Right now, I have it set up as per the manual with the Dichro head on top of the support with the mixing chamber below. How do you use the conical light integrator instead with the Dichro head in place? Also, I don't think there are condensers on the dichro head (I'm thinking about those heavy round semi spherical pieces of glass ). Correct me if I'm wrong. I have all of the pieces for the condenser attachment as well for this Beseler 23 frame so any and all suggestions would be appreciated on setting up for more light to get more realistic printing times.