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Ilfochrome (aka Cibachrome) has been around since 1963! I don't know why people are asking about its future.
'63! That's longer than I thought. Other than that, I was just about to suggest whether we could come up with a better title for this thread. Every time I see it, it scares the **** out of me. The fate of? Can('t) we be a bit more positive?

(Having said that, I haven't yet used it... So who am I to chime in? Well, if I ever make the move from B&W to colour printing, I'm really going for Ilfo/Cibachrome, that's for sure. Yeah, RA-4 is cheaper, alright, but... as Homer would say: "Mmmm, Ilfochrome". Actually, this might be a good time to order some chemicals and paper; soon my darkroom will be too hot for B&W, so it might just be ideal for Ilfochrome processed at 24C. )