hi all,

i have a little case of G.A.S.

actually, a big one...

A good friend of mine recently won an arca swiss 4x5 and 2 or 3 lenses off the bay(i bid against him on fleabay accidentally, =). oops)

Well, he and i went out shooting this morning in our local angeles forest. I had another friends Toyo monorail, and he had his new Arca.

I want one. His had the collapsible rail, and with the addition of bag bellows. I must say i had much envy in me at the time.

Now the Toyo is nice, but NOT a traveling-by-foot camera; at least not for long distances IMO.

Have any of you guys had much experience with using an Arca in the field? I would be looking at getting the 4x5 F-Line, and most likely use a roll film back for 6x12 as well.

Also, what about the Master Technika's? How do they compare to say a Technika IV or V?

Some help would be appreciated, I'm considering selling the Hassy H2 to get one of my own, used of course....