I run 7 rolls of 35mm all the time, not a problem yet. I haven't worked out the square inches but so far, no worries. I run T-Max with replenishment and it seems to handle the load with 1000ml of solution. I actually haven't run 8 rolls of 120. I was just stating the capacity of the system. I will have to look into it and make sure I can process a full tank. Thanks for pointing out the potential problem.


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Matt... The Jobo machine I use (ATL2000) has different agitation (rotation) rates...

Thom... I'm interested in how you get 8 rolls of 120 processed at a time. The developer you use can do that many in one tank? My machine (ATL2000) has a limit of 1000ml per chemical per run. The developer I use (Photographer's Formulary TFX-2) recommends 500ml per 120 roll.