Since you have asked for an example of an artist's bio, here's something that I would write if I thought the concept were valid.

Graeme Hird is one of the world’s finest landscape photographers, capturing the beauty of the unique landforms he studies.

Graeme has a university degree in Applied Geology and has worked as a geologist for the last 13 years, although he developed his photographic skills after leaving university. He is entirely self-educated in the field of photography. An appreciation for the visual grandeur of the world he sees has inspired his unique photographic vision. His love of the natural world and its wonders is derived from his deep understanding of the processes that formed the land as we see it today.

His mission in life is to share the beauty he sees with all who interact with his art.

Graeme believes that for a body of artistic work to be successful, the artist must have an abiding love the subject he/she chooses to depict. His love of nature's beauty becomes immediately apparent when his work is viewed for the first time. Exquisite details and colour are revealed in all his finely crafted prints.

The name of Graeme Hird should be remembered: he is destined to become one of the world’s most collectable artists.
Like most bios, it's all true, but it's also full of that resource I talked of earlier. To the average person (my market demographic) it would come across as pompous and pretentious. To other artists, it's like a thousand others they've read before. So if I show this to anybody who might care, I'll alienate my main market and show myself as a complete fool to the cognoscenti in the art world. Either way I lose ....

It's much better for me to just shut-up and let my photography do the talking. Your mileage may vary with the quality of your art and the credibility of your bio. Feel free to use mine as an example of what not to do.

Good luck with it,