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The VC cold light - the last set of pics, is a nice head so don't let someone talk you out of it..they are not cheap. Do a few searchs for Zone VI VC head, etc - bet you can find something..

I have the Zone VI VC head you show in the images... This is what it SHOULD do... and what I would do to check it.

The middle dial, crank it up to 10 and leave it there (you mentioned this part didn't seem to work... The left dial (green tube) and the right dial (blue tube) control the contrast. If you're used to using yellow/magenta for contrast... This is just the opposite...

I did put a piece of black plastic over the on switch (way too bright) and I painted 90% of the green light (consistancy idicator) with dark nailpolish so it didn't shine down on my print adding fog... (But still wanted to see if it worked)

Here's what I would do... Either on or off the enlarger, but you need to look at the quality of light.

Leave both soft and hard dials set to min. (Off is really only good if you're split contrast printing)

Flip the focus switch. Then roll the left dial on and to the max... The light should get progressively deeper green. Bring it back to min. Then do the same for the hard dial... The light should get progressively bluer.

Does this happen?? Or are you only getting variation of one colour? If so, then one tube might be out... Give it a try and post what you find.

I've been using the head for years now and can intuitively jump to the correct contrast/density after the first test strip... It didn't take much getting used to.

Lastly, I bought mine from Calumet. They may offer service on it if needed, so I would contact them first.

Hope that helps you,