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I have an Arca F-Line Metric 4x5 with a telescopic rail. It is a little heavier and bulkier than a folding field camera. But it is outstanding to use. The quality is exceptional. I have the newest model with 141mm format frames but if I did it again I would probably get the older 171 mm format frames because the regular bellows fits completely inside the confines of the format frames when compacted. The bellows on the 141 mm frames extends beyond the frames and could wear with time. If you buy new, consider Rod Klucas at Photomark. He is great to work with and very well informed. I did have to get a larger backpack for carrying the camera (vs. a Canham or Toyo field) but as long as I can carry it I will continue to use the Arca over anything else.
I agree completely with Jerold. The 4x5 Arca with the 141mm format frame is a wonderful camera for field use. I wouldn't worry too much about damaging the bellows on the 141mm frames. I carefully pad the camera and bellows in my backpack, and after 3 years I don't see any wear to the bellows.