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Man do I need some serious help. A friend of mine whos dad passed away sold me all his darkroom equiptment. Everything was boxed up but it looked good. But now I am very upset as some of the items seem to be broken

I turned the timer on but all that happened was the hold light was on and I saw an F and now the screen is blank. I tried to use the keypad but nothing...

Any ideas?

Then I opened another box and pulled out this cold light head but it was busted and I have no idea what the stablizer is for. How can I fix this head?

http://www.kjsphotography.com/help/3b.jpg http://www.kjsphotography.com/help/3c.jpg

So at this point I was totally bummed then I found another box and pulled out a VC head! ANd then things I thought were cool. I attached the cord to the VC controller and plugged in the enlarger and the controler. I flipped the switch from print to focus and this weird purple / blue light came on. So fine. Then I tried to adjust the light with the center dial and nothing, the light stayed constant and did not dim and the direction said it should dim. Any ideas???


If you could help me I woudl greatly appreciate it. I just want to print! HELP! What do I need to do....

Thanks everyone in advance,

Kevin, The tube on the broken cold light should be replaceable. I would imagine that if you were to check with Aristo Grid Lamp Products that they will be able to supply you with replacement tube. In lieu of that Calumet purchased Zone VI some years ago and they should be able to direct you to a replacement.

The stabilizer works to stabilize the output of the cold light by means of a sensor/feed back circuit. There should be a cable that attaches the stabilizer to a sensor in the cold light, another cable that attaches to the lamp itself, and a third cable that supplies power to the stabilizer and is plugged into 115 volt power supply. I have the old Zone VI newsletters and should have one that covers the actual stabilizer operation if that would help. It would take some time spent in searching for me to find it though.

The VC head should be straightforward. There should be a change of light color as the contrast is adjusted from high to low contrast. The high contrast light color should be blue in color and the low contrast green in color. If you fail to realize that then one of the tubes may have failed.

This will take some sorting out but probably not an absolute bust. I don't know what you paid for all of this but I paid something over $200 for the stabilizer used by itself. If you don't want to deal with it then give it all back to the seller and ask for your money back.