Hi LF gang, I need some help with something. I want to use 35mm film, sprocket holes and all in a 8x10 view camera.

The way it would work in an ideal world is that 6 rolls of 35mm film would run in a row into the special back to fill the 8x10 area. The film would dispense at the same time into the holder. I would like to keep it flat and close together so I think that the holder would be quite an engineering feat if it can be done.

I suppose a good thing would to advance the film and then flip a switch that would flatten it all with some mechanism with either glass or something else.

I am really trying to avoid cutting and splicing the film so hence the film loader / holder that shoots 6 rolls of film at the same time.

So think of this as a 8x10 roll film back that uses 6 rolls of 35mm film in a row...