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The heavily buffered version is D76d.

You might want to look at the Wellington Borax MQ formula that is said to be the developer D76 is derived from. It;s a clean working, long lasting relatively fine grain developer according to the Pritish Journal of Photography.

Wellington Borax MQ Film Developer

Metol 2.3g
Hydroquinone 2.3g
Sodium Sulphite (cryst) 23g
Borax 23g
Water to 1 litre

Wellington & Ward were a British manufacturer of film, plates, papers etc who were bought by Ilford in the late 1930's.

Very interesting. I shall have to try it. Is there a British measure of weight that makes the weights come out 1, 10, 10 and water to 1 quart or gallon?

The onset of my interest in purifying borax was instigated by the assertion, made by PE and Kirk Keyes, that the 20 Mule Team borax from the supermarket is not pure enough for photo work, even though many of us have been doing so for years.