Kevin, dont be totally bummed, depending on how much you paid, you might have gotten a very good deal. The equipment you have is very good and all you need is to work out the problems.
For one, Calumet has very good customer service, given them a call and ask them what can be done.
The stabilizer is needed for cold lights to have a constant output. What your does is tell you when the lifgh head is warm enough to have a constant out put.
The VC head, could have two problems, one of the tubes could be bad (the green one) or the controloer could be making false contact. I bet it is the tube.

I dont know where you are, but the best bet would be to send it to Calumet and have them fix all of it. Depending on your purchase price, this might be the best option.
Or, if you have a friend who is an electrician, have him check the controler for the VC. These are very simple systems and maybe he can tell right away what is the problem. I would try this first before I go sending it to Calumet.