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first of all i'm not an experience printer, just the basics, but i'm getting tired of my new enlarger, it seems impossible to get a decent print out of it, all prints look very dull and lacking contrast, doesn't matter if i go up to 5 grade filter.

I noticed also that changing filters in all range produce very subtle changes, and everything seems monotone, i can't get enough separation between tones, nothing seems sharp, is like someone put a veil on my prints.

I tried some contact printing with my enlarger as a light source and prints look a bit better, but anything i put inside that glass carrier turns to a lifeless print.

I'm using eukobrom as developer, and i've tried various papers with similar results (FB and RC), my negs look quite good on the light table.

Any toughts??

This will sound silly but... you must try changing the bulb. At one point, following customer reports of similar difficulties with their equipment, I conducted some empirical bulb tests and became apparent that the bulbs lost energy in the shorter spectra long before they lost any apparent brightness. Changing the bulb out for a new one can have a dramatic effect on the available contrast. You don't want to know how hard it is to find a fresh bulb that will actually produce G5.

All of the above however presumes that you understand the function of the white light / focus lever and that you have the filters in place. You do actually see a noticeable change in the color of the image as you rotate the filter knob from low to high contrast?