hi sean,

sorry, i should have made some suggestions.

IMO this page seems very cluttered. i think being able to go to the area you are interested in would be the best. so you see a list of cameras, film, extras etc. and them you click on what you want and then see the stuff that is listed.

once you are into say cameras i like that there is a thumbnail but again i think all the seller info off to the right just makes it hard to read. i think a thumbnail, name of item, sellers handle and a price would be fine for a quick glance not in bold. just to make it easy on the eyes and brain. no need for the catergory, maybe put that on the page heading, we know that . views can be seen when we click on the ad. overall this page is not bad.....once you arrive here. but the above mentioned things that are in bold kind of take your eyes there.

i am sorry if i seem overly critical. i do not mean to be. i appreciate your efforts. i enjoy the site and the classifieds and am just trying to help make it work nicely. thakns for your time.