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Is the enlarger new or just new to you? If it's old it's quite possible that the filters inside the head have faded. Is this your first experience of printing, or have you had success with printing prior to this? I'm just trying to eliminate some of the variables.
it's a second hand enlarger that i bought some time ago, but i hadn't time to test it before properly, yes it's new to me.
Before using Lpl, i was a happy condenser type of guy.
I know that you must used more contrasty negs for this sort of enlargers, and i did so, i checked my negs, i did some "home made" densiometry to get more contrast. So i'm quite sure it has to be a problem with this enlarger.
Btw i'll try to change the bulb (i've got some spares that first owner give to me), i just shot some film that i'll develop very heavily and see what happens, i'll let you know.
Thanks for your time, i really appreciate it.